Nissan Forklift operates as a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. The group keeps up four generation plants, incorporating an office in Marengo, Illinois. The group produces strolling and riding model forklifts and pallet jacks, with bargains in 85 nations, incorporating the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Nissan Forklift manufactures a mixture of forklift styles, intended for utilization in manufacturing, transportation and reusing.

Platinum II Cushion Series

Nissan Forklift’s Platinum II Cushion Series incorporates 15 models, with limits extending from 3,000 to 8,000 lbs. Intended for mechanical utilization, Platinum II forklifts use electronic fuel-infused Nissan-fabricated K25 and K21 engines. Engines operate with melted petroleum gas, sorts LPS, LP or double fuel. Standard supplies on all Platinum II models incorporate a tilt control and single lift lever and a transmission and engine cautioning framework. The operator compartment headlines a suspension seat, with seat sash, and an overhead gatekeeper framework. The operation cautioning framework incorporates a move down caution and seat sash indicator. The Platinum II series offers a LCD operating showcase and PIN security framework to make preparations for burglary of unauthorized utilization. Operators can set fix memos for booked upkeep and all models incorporate ready analytic frameworks. Discretionary supplies for Platinum II models incorporate a spinner-handle controlling wheel, strobe lights, back work lights and double-fuel engines, which can operate on fluid petroleum or gasoline.

TX Platinum Series

Nissan Forklift’s TX Platinum Series incorporates three forklift demonstrates, going in limit from 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. TX Platinum forklifts incorporate control controlling, ready demonstrative frameworks and 36-or 48-volt electrical frameworks, relying on the model. Clients can select from three force modes, standard, economy and heightened, to direct power utilization. Every model incorporates suspension seating, with weight change and seat sash. Standard headlines likewise incorporate a go down alert, back work light, a crisis stop control and sign, stop lights and brake lights. Discretionary gear for TX Platinum models incorporates robust pneumatic tires, a blaze quencher and a freezer bundle for working in temperatures as level as-31 degrees Fahrenheit.

SRX Platinum Series

The SRX Platinum Series offers three forklift shows, composed with thin figures for working in tight spaces. Limits extend from 3,000 to 4,500 lbs. furthermore all models have 43-inch suspension. Nissan Forklift planned the SRX Platinum series displays with 36-volt electrical frameworks. Every last one of the three models have a side-stance compartment for the operator and load widths extending from 30-to 48-inches. SRX Platinum series standard headlines incorporate switch-fueled and programmed power-off, stopping brakes, guiding tire position indicator and crisis power detach. Discretionary gear incorporates a side shifter, back LED work light, fork tallness indicator and a freezer bundle for working in temperatures as level as-20 F.

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